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A colourful collection of rainbows shining their way onto the Tezos blockchain. Made up of 100+ rad and colourful attributes. More info.

Rainbows are homies

Long ago there was a torrential storm that shadowed the planet in darkness. Many days passed, until one quiet day the sun emerged once again. It was shining so bright and the world returned to a happy place. Then, out of the blue, all of these magical rainbows appeared everywhere. They were friendly and full of joy, and quickly became known as Rainbow Homies.

They are planet-friendly

The rainbows care about the environment, and are known to ride their bike to get around and plant their own vegetables. They are eco-conscious beings.

That’s why they are stored on the Tezos blockchain, an energy efficient network that uses minimal energy resources. Click here to learn more about the Tezos blockchain and its energy usage.

Process and Rarity

Rainbow Homies features highly stylized artwork that has been hand-drawn individually and features strong attention to detail. You can view every attribute and its rarity with the chart here.

All the questions

@jonhanlan is a Canadian illustrator and artist. He’s worked with brands around the world, as well as amassed billions of views on GIPHY. He is the artist behind this project, alongside a team of brilliant developers.

The total number of rainbows and their price is yet to be determined and will be decided by the community.

This is a art focused and artist-led project. It is important to emphasis the role of this project not being used primarily for utility, but rather for arts-sake and building the artistic universe of Jon Hanlan’s artwork. With that being said there are potential benefits to holders in the future, such as exclusive airdrops from the artist, creating a community collection of artworks from other Tezos creators, custom social media banners, stickers and AR filters of your rainbows, and much more.

They will be available on the OBJKT marketplace once minted.